Lowest Down-payment On The Your New Home Purchase by 9137060105Marian Garcia-Stevens nmls 267152

✔The new low down-payment. Up to 97% LTV financing for home purchase and refinance transactions. However ,ask how you can put only 1% down-payment on your loan.

✔Flexible sources of funds. Can be used for the down payment and closing costs with no minimum contribution required from the borrowers own funds (1-unit properties)

✔Affordable and cancellable monthly MI. Reduced MI coverage requirement above 90% LTV: cancellable MI per Servicing Guide policy.

✔Homeownership course. The online Framework course prepares borrowers for sustainable home-ownership: other education and advising options are available.


🌠Supports manufactured housing op to 95% and Homestyle Renovation (approved lenders)up to 95%

🌠Non traditional credit is allowed

🌠Gifts, grants, Community Seconds, and cash-on-hand permitted as a source of funds for down payment and closing costs

🌠Borrower is not required to be a first-time home buyer

🌠Cancellable mortgage insurance (restrictions apply) lower MI coverage (25%for LTV,s >90% to 97) compared with standard required

🌠Innovative underwriting flexibilities expand access to credit responsibly.
Flexibilities include:

✔Income from non-borrower household members considered as a compensating factor in Desktop Underwriter (DU) to allow for a debt-to-income (DTI) ratio >45%, up to 50%

✔ Rental income and boarder income

✔ Non-occupant borrowers, such as a parent

These benefits and features rank one of the highest used in todays market. Please keep my contact information handy, I would love to explain the process further and give you a quote.

Marian Garcia-Stevens
NMLS 267152
United Mortgage


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