1%Downpayment, Sound Good To You? by Marian Garcia-Stevens NMLS#267152

Its Here The Moment You have been waiting for,wait no longer!

1. Ok,So What’s the catch?

There is no catch. This is a traditional Conventional loan.

2. How does it work?

Basically how it works is you will receive your equity of your other 2% at the closing table. This loan is available without borrower paid MI (mortgage insurance. Every situation is different, I can look at yours very closely for your options. You can get the details at Bank of England from Marian Garcia-Stevens (913)706-0105.

3. Will I qualify?

lets chat about what it would take to qualify. Usually It would only take very a short time for a pre-approval.(913)706-0105

4. I have not picked out a home to buy yet, is that ok?

Yes, You can be preapproved before you go on your home shopping adventure.

5. Is this like any other good loan?

Yes, This is a conventional loan with no surprises. You can receive your traditional 30 year loan with no pre payment attached to it if paid early.
I am happy to answer any question you might have.
This is just a regular Fannie Mae home ready loan, only 1% down payment instead of 3% down-payment.



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